Amity Wilczek with plants


Amity Wilczek

Research interests



Research interests

* Response to environment

* Maternal effects

* Genetic conflict




Arabidopsis drawing

Plants, information, and the environment

What are the environmental cues that plants respond to, and what are the consequences of changing climates for response to these cues?

How can parents use information from their own environment to provision their offspring appropriately?

When related individuals interact extensively, how do individual and inclusive fitness considerations influence the evolutionary outcome of their interaction?arabidopsos growing in cranny of red wall

Such questions drive my past and current research. My research interests lie in understanding how complex environments influence selection, and how plants can respond adaptively to their environment. I study adaptation across a broad range of scales, incorporating genetic and developmental information into phenotypic selection analyses and mathematical models of life history. My work is largely based in the field, supplemented by greenhouse studies and theoretical models.

My research focuses on three areas:

Selected publications

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