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Amity Wilczek

Teaching and mentoring



Research interests

* Response to environment

* Maternal effects

* Genetic conflict




Arabidopsis drawing

Teaching and mentoring experience

Brown University

As part of my research with the FIBR project in 2006-2008, I have supervised and mentored a group of ten recently graduated students, nine of whom have since enrolled in graduate degree programs in science or science policy. Each of these students is presently (e.g. Wilczek et al., 2009) or will soon be a coauthor on research resulting from this work. Additionally, I assisted in the mentoring of a student thesis project in the lab in 2008, the results of which are currently being prepared for publication.

Harvard University: 1997- 2004

Evolution of Sex (developed syllabus, assignments, ran lectures and discussions)
Teaching Fellow:
Plants and Human Affairs (created and ran series of nine new labs)
Evolution and Organismic Biology (with lab)
Experimental Plant Ecology (with lab)
Plant Physiology (with lab)
Evolutionary Biology (for biology concentrators, with discussion section)
Evolutionary Biology (for non-biology concentrators, with discussion section)
Vertebrate Viviparity
In addition to mentoring several field and research assistants, I had the opportunity to mentor and supervise the undergraduate thesis of a student from Tufts University. The project that we developed together on the multi-generational effects of elevated UV-B on plants resulted in a peer-reviewed publication (Griffen et al. 2004, doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2004.01013.x), and this student went on to receive a PhD at Harvard University.

University of Chicago: 1994-1995

Teaching Assistant:
Ecology and Evolution of Species Interactions (with lab)
Motility in Living Systems (with lab)
Plant Development and Molecular Biology

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